Uniserve to present at Port Centric Logistics 2011

Uniserve, one of the UK's biggest sea-freight importers/exporters will be taking part in Port Centric Logistics 2011. The company's director of supply chain and infrastructure, Zen Yaworsky will be looking at the role of port centric logistics a presentation titled "new thinking and new investment policies in logistics and global supply chain management services."

Uniserve Group is a distribution supplier to well-known high-street chains, including Marks & Spencer, Monsoon and Debenhams and recently (Dec 2010) took a 50% statke in Metro Shipping, a Birmingham based export specialist. 

The tie up created one of the biggest sea-freight importers and exporters in the UK, enabling the companies to match import and export container movements, becoming more efficient.

The Independent quotes Uniserve managing director Iain Liddell, as saying: "Normally, you either specialise in imports or you specialise in exports, but bringing two companies together makes a powerful proposition. We expect our position in the market to grow as we will have a bigger influence with shipping companies now we can export and import."

The company is currently investing in over 1m sq ft of warehousing in and around UK ports.