Unifeeder links UK with Poland

Unifeeder launches its 4th loop to further connect the UK with the continental Europe. With this
expansion of its UK services Unifeeder enables direct cargo shipment between the UK east coast
ports of Felixstowe, Immingham, South Shields and Grangemouth, to/from Rotterdam and the
Polish ports of Gdynia and Gdansk.

Less than 9 months after launching its 3 UK services connecting Felixstowe, Immingham,
Teesport, South Shields and Grangemouth with Rotterdam and Hamburg, Unifeeder - the leading
feeder and shortsea operator in Northern Europe - is expanding its UK coverage and adding a
direct connection between the UK and the Baltic Sea. This addition to its existing services will
reduce transit time and add to the connection frequency.
The new service will commence as from week 11, 2011, and the company will be presenting the
service in more detail at the Multimodal 2011 transport trade fair in Birmingham next month.

Strategic decision to strengthen UK coverage and connection to important trade areas
in continental Europe

“Expanding into the UK in June 2010 was a strategically important decision, and following the
immediate success of the services, combined with thorough strategic consideration, we have now
decided to strengthen our extensive network coverage even further. Of course the enormous
support and success the initial UK services have had, has pushed us even further to expand our
portfolio to/from the UK. By intensifying our UK coverage, and by providing a direct link between
the UK ports and the Baltic Sea area, we are not only accommodating an increased volume flow
from our customers, we are adding an important link between two of our significant trading
areas which will complement and interlink our network considerably,” says Jesper Kristensen,
CEO of Unifeeder.

The UK services
The new service to the UK entails adding a new loop to the existing 3 loops, which encompass
three container ships on weekly routes between Hamburg and Rotterdam and the UK ports of
Felixstowe, Immingham, Teesport, South Shields, and Grangemouth. The newly added 4th loop
will deploy two vessels in a butterfly loop between the UK and the Polish ports of Gdynia and
Gdansk, hence allowing for a continuous weekly connection between the ports. The 4th loop
includes a direct link between Rotterdam, Immingham, South Shields and Grangemouth. Thus, in
addition to adding to the overall capacity, it increases the speed and frequency of the UK