New player enters North Sea ro-ro market

Start up North Sea RoRo will be offering a new service between Gothenburg and the UK, putting it in direct competition with DFDS.

According to its ceo,  Rederi AB Transatlantic’s former head of industrial shipping Mårten Carlquist, North Sea RoRo has been established to meet carriers’ demand for greater competition and greater flexibility for their UK traffic.

The traffic service, which will sail between Gothenburg and Killingholme near Immingham, will begin with three sailings per week in each direction. In Gothenburg, Logent will be responsible for all stevedoring operations and will also act as agents for the line. Similar services in Killingholme will be managed by C. RO Ports.

"We are happy to be able to offer a competitive alternative to the existing ser- vice, at the same time as the capacity and frequency on the route is significantly expanded. The project has been met with great interest and has built confidence among transport companies and other stakeholders. We will have a high shipment volume on the route from the first day of service, " says Mårten Carlquist, ceo of North Sea RoRo.

One of the initiators of the new company is the transport and freight forwarder NTEX that will add significant cargo volume on North Sea RoRo. Thomas Ström, CEO of NTEX, comments:

"This is an important route for Swedish trade. To date there has been only one RoRo service between Sweden and England. Our conclusion, after having been able to follow the preparatory work and studied the analysis made for North Sea RoRo, is that the shipping company has very good potential to provide both increased competition in transport to and from England and enhanced dynamics in the market. Today we have a traffic volume on the route corresponding to 150 million SEK annually. It is natural for us to support the new shipping company so that the market can be developed further."

" The establishment of North Sea RoRo is very stimulating in view of the strong in- terest and positive feedback that we have experienced for the project from both the transport industry and investors. NTEX is initially the majority shareholder in the company but is about to significantly reduce its ownership to ensure the new company’s independence," says Joakim von Heijne of Avantus Corporate Finance, who has been the exclusive advisor in conjunction with the formation of North Sea RoRo.