How shale gas will change petrochemical shipping trading patterns

Shale gas-derived feedstocks are radically reducing petrochemical production costs and re-defining the industry’s need for shipping - in terms of shipping routes, tonnage and vessel type. Cellular, chemical product vessels, chemical parcel tankers and LPG/LNG carriers are all seeing changing charterer requirements. Navigate Events is running a workshop in London aimed at shipping company and chartering executives looking at assessing the impact of these changes on 13 March 2014 as part of its annual Chemical & Product Tanker conference.

Topics covered will include an examination of the underlying drivers creating changes in the global trade pattern of petrochemicals, how the development of shale gas is transforming the petrochemical sector; how will the petrochemical industry’s shipping requirements will change as a result of shale gas and a look at how owners and managers of two inter-dependent, capital-intensive, cyclical industries – shipping and petrochemicals – have adapted to changing market realities.
Those with a stake in the global movement of methanol, aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes, pygas), MEG, styrene, MTBE, ethanol, LPG, LNG, PE, PP will benefit from attending the workshop.

Course leader Leslie McCune says: "The workshop is designed to be participative, informative and wide-ranging – it will constructively challenge some of the established dogmas in both the petrochemical and shipping industry!"

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