German inland shipping up 13%

In 2010, transportation by inland shipping increased by 13% to 230 million tonnes. The incoming stream with Germany as a destination grew the strongest, growing by 24% to 104 million tonnes. The total for 2008, 246 million tonnes, has not been reached yet, but the record for 2008 was broken in containers: 2,186,000 TEU in 2010 (up 18% compared to 2009).

Of the ‘big goods types’, ores and scrap (up 36% to 35 million tonnes), coal (up 25% to 36 million tonnes) and chemical products (up 17% to 21 million tonnes) also did well. The transportation of mineral oil products increased slightly (up 2% to 35 million tonnes) and transportation of stone and soil decreased slightly (down 1% to 43 million tonnes).