First LNG powered barge in Europe

Deen Shipping, a Netherlands based bunker barge operator has taken delivery of the first European barge to be powered by LNG. According to the company the ship will be sailing on dual fuel, a mixture of 80% LNG (liquefied natural gas) and 20% diesel. This results in a significantly lower emission of CO2 and NOx and reduces the emission of particulates to as low as zero. The mixture is not just much more environmentally friendly, it’s also cheaper than diesel.

Deen Shipping operates 6 bunker tankers working the waterways of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

The new barge has two Caterpillar 3512 DF, 1521 bHP dual-fuel propulsion engines. The LNG fuel, generated from organic waste, is carried in a 40,000 litre special vacuum insulated stainless steel LNG storage tank, supplied by Cryonorm Projects. This tank has a LNG vaporization system, using the Caterpillar motor coolant heat to evaporate the cold LNG into warm natural gas.