Call for rate rises from tanker barge operators

According to the Central Bureau for Rhine and Inland Shipping (CBRB), many tanker barges are operating at 30% below their cost price. The progressive phasing out of single-hulls and the replacement with double-hulled barges has led to a significant over capacity as both types of vessels are currently in use. The surplus has pushed rates downwards putting pressure on operators to meet safety and quality requirements. Maintenance, repair and obligations to personnel are also in danger of being affected.

A recent CBRB commissioned study reports that the average running costs per calendar day for 10 types of vessel, including personnel costs, is substantially above the current charter rates.

The CBRB points out an anomaly caused by these market conditions which suggests that logistics managers are responsible for purchasing transport at the best possible price whilst their oil company masters are seeking safety, reliability and environmental awareness. The two don’t go hand-in-hand.