BMT to monitor International Paints coatings performance

Shipping consultancy BMT ARGOSS and coatings manufacturer International Paint have announced the formation of a partnership to “deliver demonstrable and transparent improvements in performance, efficiency and environmental emissions for the global shipping fleet.”

Under the partnership, BMT ARGOSS will independently monitor and report the performance of vessels using International Paints fouling control coatings. The system is based on using BMT’s onboard, real-time performance monitoring and reporting system which acquires and records data automatically from ship sensors.

Paul Robbins, worldwide marine marketing director at International Paint said:

“We are confident that our high performance biocidal antifoulings and foul release coatings when used in conjunction with BMT SMARTSERVICES will deliver quantifiable added value for ship owner and operators. One of the reasons we partnered with BMT is that the new system can accurately determine total performance levels by recording over 30,000 readings per day, providing complete transparency and evidence to owners and operators of the performance improvements our advanced hull coatings technology can deliver. The BMT system can be installed at newbuilding or as a retro-fit and by utilising International Paint’s and BMT’s global networks, in-service support will be provided at every stage throughout the life of the coating and the monitoring system.”