32 projects receive Marco Polo funds of €57 million

Following a thorough selection and negotiation process, 32 new Marco Polo projects are set
to receive a share of the € 57 million funds earmarked under the 2010 Call for proposals.
Within their project lifespan, these 32 projects are expected to either shift off Europe's roads
or remove at source more than 15 billion t/km in total, which is the equivalent of 450,000
trucks travelling between Hamburg and Vienna.
The 32 projects include:

  • 26 modal shift actions, which take freight off the roads and transfer it to alternative modes of transport such as railways, short-sea shipping and inland waterways;

  • 4 common learning actions, which aim at sharing knowledge and know-how in the transport and logistics sector;

  • 1 motorways of the sea action, which combines short-sea shipping with other modes of transport; and

  • 1 traffic avoidance action, which reduces the amount of freight to be transported o road while making the entire supply chain more efficient.

Among the 32 projects, 19 target railway transport, 4 focus on inland waterways and 4
address maritime transport (with 3 short-sea shipping projects and 1 motorways of the sea
project). 1 project is tri-modal, i.e. combines railways, inland waterways and short-sea
shipping, whereas 4 common learning projects envisage various combinations of transport

Commenting on the list of projects, Patrick Lambert, Director of the Executive Agency for
Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) in charge of managing the programme, said: "I
congratulate the leaders of these 32 projects for their resourcefulness and initiative. We
count on their achievements on the ground to show the way to new, more sustainable ways
of transporting goods across Europe."

With 101 proposals received by the call deadline, the third Marco Polo II call for project
proposals attracted a record number of submissions in 2010, with a total funding request of €
235 million, against an annual programme budget of € 64 million.